Local Life Deadlines 2016/17

MonthChorleyLeighSt HelensWarringtonWest LancsWigan
Dec 1610/11/1628/10/1615/11/16 (W)-28/10/16 (O&A)03/11/16 (N)
Jan 1715/12/16 (N)-16/12/16 (E)02/12/201602/12/16 (B&V)08/12/17 (W)
Feb 1726/01/1713/01/1731/01/17 (W)-13/01/17 (O&A)19/01/17 (N)
Mar 1723/02/17 (N)-28/02/17 (E)10/02/1710/02/17 (B&V)16/02/17 (W)
Apr 1723/03/1710/03/1728/03/17 (W)-10/03/17 (O&A)16/03/17 (N)
May 1720/04/17 (N)-25/04/17 (E)07/04/1707/04/17 (B&V)13/04/17 (W)
Jun 1718/05/1705/05/1723/05/17 (W)-05/05/17 (O&A)11/05/17 (N)
Jul 1715/06/17 (N)-20/06/17 (E)02/06/1702/06/17 (B&V)08/06/17 (W)
Aug 1706/07/1730/06/1711/07/17 (W)-30/06/17 (O&A)29/06/17 (N)
Sept 1717/08/17 (N)-22/08/17 (E)04/08/1704/08/17 (B&V)10/08/17 (W)
Oct 1721/09/1708/09/1726/09/17 (W)-08/09/17 (O&A)14/09/17 (N)
Nov 1719/10/17 (N)-24/10/17 (E)06/10/1706/10 (B&V)12/10/17 (W)
Dec 1716/11/1703/11/1721/11/17 (W)-03/11/17 (O&A)09/11/17 (N)


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